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Aliraza Namdar
Jeetu Mehta
Vimal Upadhyay
Uday Karande
Jigish Vyas
Pankaj Trivedi
Amita Rajda
Anuradha Kanabar

Director: Aliraza Namdar

Part 1:-Sangath

Part 2:-Sangath 

Part 3:-Sangath 

Part 4:-Sangath 

Part 5:-Sangath 

Part 6:-Sangath






Sangath Part 6

Sangath Part 5

Sangath Part 4

Sangath Part 2

Sangath Part 1



Cast :
Mukesh Rawal
Falguni Dave
Rahul Diwan
Arvind Vekaria
Hemant Jha

Genre: Comedy


Part 1:-Golmaal 

Part 2:-Golmaal 

Part 3:-Golmaal 

Part 4:-Golmaal 

Part 5:-Golmaal

Part 6:-Golmaal 

Part 7:-Golmaal







Golmaal Part 7

Golmaal Part 6

Golmaal Part 5

Golmaal Part 4

Golmaal Part 3

Golmaal Part 2

Golmaal Part 1

અલવિદા ડાર્લિંગ

Alvida Darling

Cast :
Bakul Thakkar
Sharukh Sadri
Raju Soni
Parag Shah
Amar Parikh
Sujata Mehta

Director: Umesh Shukla

Synopsis :

Alvida Darling is a social meaningful comedy play. It deals with a couple, Mr. & Mrs. Mehta. They want to take a divorce after 7 years of colourful, roller coaster life, but a parsee counselor Rustomji Sandhawala make them realize what is marriage, what is commitment? How to let go our ego, how to accept each others hobbies and habits in a very smart and hilarious manner!

Alvida Darling

સંબંધોની પેલે પાર

Sambandho Ni Pele Par

Sohil Virani
Mugdha Shah
Chitrak Shah
Tanmay Vekria
Ashok Upadhyay
Suchak and Arvind Vekaria

Director: Arvind Vekaria

Genre: Drama


This is a story of a Laxmikantbhai (Arvind Vakaria)and his family. Laxmikantbhai is a Head of the family. He is a Grandfather , He has son Dr. Sudhir Mehta (Sohil Virani), Daughter-In-Law Sneha(Mugdha Shah), Grand-son Chirag(Chitrak Shah) & Grand-daughter Mansi(Alpana Buch). This is a very Happy Family. Dr. Mehta & his wife Sneha had Decided that after Marriage they will give birth to only one Child & one child they will adopt Bhashu Ben's Daughter Minu. A lady who was admitted in the in the Dr. Mehta's Clinic as a cancer patient. Minu is now known as Mansi. The brother & sister, i.e Chirag & Mansi, love each other very Much. Chirag can't live without Mansi & Mansi can't live without Chirag. Chirag hates lies , his friends Samir (Tanmay Vekaria) is big lier.

Part 1:-Sambandho Ni Pele Par 

Part 2:-Sambandho Ni Pele Par

Part 3:-Sambandho Ni Pele Par 

Part 4:-Sambandho Ni Pele Par 

Part 5:-Sambandho Ni Pele Par 

Part 6:-Sambandho Ni Pele Par 

Part 7:-Sambandho Ni Pele Par







Sambandho Ni Pele Par Part 7

Sambandho Ni Pele Par Part 6

Sambandho Ni Pele Par Part 5